Vote David Silkworth for Ward 5 City Council!

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my 2020 campaign website!

I’m running in the August 4 Democratic Primary to become your Ward 5 City Council Member because:

  1. This election will determine the future course of our city on a wide range of important issues: land use, community policing, affordable housing, A2Zero, historic preservation and protection of natural features.
  2. I will ensure that your opinions on these issues will be vigorously sought and well represented at the council table.

Today, in the midst of our social justice, COVID-19, affordable housing, and climate crises, we are presented with a series of challenges. To address these challenges, we must:

  1. Listen carefully to constituent and community concerns.
  2. Work collaboratively with key stakeholders.
  3. Seek long-term solutions.

Toward this end, I will:

  1. Be an independent voice and problem solver, not aligned with any local faction or slate.
  2. Listen to all good ideas, no matter where they originate.
  3. Collaborate with all council members who advance solutions that will be in your best interest.

Solutions to complex problems will not come from simply passing resolutions.

  1. There is no quick fix to our social crisis. It’s going to take a lot of listening, hard work, and vigilance. But we must begin by supporting Chief Cox, empowering the Police Oversight Commission, and working with our law enforcement staff to enable community policing as a means to build trust and equity in the treatment of all residents.
  2. I support the Y-Lot as an affordable housing site. However, we’ll need to do more if we are going to adequately address our affordable housing needs. Our affordable housing problem won’t be solved by simply increasing density with quadraplexes and ADUs in single-family residential neighborhoods. The solutions, and yes that’s plural, will only come from everyone working together, including developers, realtors, bankers, non-profit foundations, and politicians to create housing that is affordable for low- and middle-income folks. We can’t just keep building more market rate housing for upper-income people.
  3. I support the goals of the A2Zero plan. The steps to implement it must be evaluated in light of the present budget crisis. Priorities must be set based on comparative effectiveness to meet the goals, relative cost, and impact on other city services.

Together with you, I am ready to take on these challenges as your 5th Ward Council Member.


David Silkworth