Thank You For Supporting My 2017 Campaign!

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who supported our 2017 campaign.

First I want to thank my family: Tanya, Brian and Sharon.  This campaign would not have been possible without their patience, hard work and sacrifice.  

They gave so much of their time and energy to this effort.  

Thank you!


I would also like to thank everyone else who helped our campaign including those who:

  • handed out or delivered our literature
  • went door to door speaking with residents and sharing our positive message
  • made financial contributions
  • wore our t-shirts around town
  • hosted our yard signs
  • helped with data and walking lists
  • helped set up and review our literature
  • helped with our social media and on-line messaging
  • attended our events or helped us organize functions
  • made themselves available to share their wisdom and advice
  • endorsed our campaign

Thank you!

I would also like to congratulate my opponent and Mayor Taylor for their hard fought campaign win.

This race was decided by 199 total votes or more accurately by 100 people who chose to vote for my opponent instead of me.  It really was that close . . .

Every voice and vote matters.