The Deer Cull

I do not support the deer cull.  The city did not conduct any scientifically valid studies of the deer herd within our borders before moving forward with their initial cull, so they failed to properly understand the nature and extent of the problem.

Because deer are a controlled species, I do believe that proper deer herd management within our borders is the responsibility of our city government.  Scientifically valid studies of our deer herd should have been carried out by unbiased and credible experts before any action was taken and before any substantial tax dollars were spent.  The city should have attempted non-invasive, non-lethal deer herd management techniques before moving forward with their cull.

During my conversation with Dr. Anthony Di Nicola of White Buffalo in August 2016, he confirmed that his company could achieve 100% deer herd population stabilization in the first year using entirely non-lethal means.  The initial cost for an entirely non-lethal program would have been higher than the combined approach that was undertaken, but it would have stabilized the herd and either drastically reduced or eliminated the recurring costs associated with a cull.