Pedestrian Safety and Crosswalks

I believe that we need to take a highly responsible approach to pedestrian safety.  Ann Arbor is striving to be a community with a combined transportation system that includes automobiles, pedestrians and cyclists.  Pedestrians need to be able to safely interact with both cyclists and automobiles at certain key points in that combined system. Taking a responsible approach requires us to create a system where all of our crosswalks are in the most appropriate locations and where they will at least meet the minimum engineering safety standards.

Crosswalks should be well lit, easy to see and understand, and safe for everyone especially near our schools.  Pedestrians should be safe taking a leisurely stroll or walking to and from work, school, shopping or events.  Unfortunately, many of our current crosswalks do not meet the minimum engineering safety standards.  I think that the city should allocate funding to bring them into compliance, and we should build all new crosswalks to meet engineering best practice safety standards.