Library Lot: The Core Spaces Proposal Is A Bad Deal For Many Downtown Businesses Owners And For Taxpayers Alike

On April 17th, 2017 City Council will vote on the proposal to sell the development rights above the Library Lane Parking Structure to Core Spaces.  This proposal is a bad deal that will hurt both downtown business owners and taxpayers in Ann Arbor. This proposed sale includes a 50 year lease of hundreds of expensive parking spaces from an already overburdened public parking system. Downtown business owners are concerned that people who want to shop or dine downtown will not be able to find parking. If City Council approves this sale to Core Spaces, then those parking spaces will have to be replaced, and they will come to Ann Arbor taxpayers for another $12,000,000.00 just to replace the parking that will be lost.

Many local business owners and residents have gone before council to express their opposition to this sale.  City Council should listen to the concerns of local business owners and residents, and they should reject this sale that will cause hardships for business owners and taxpayers alike.

You might still be able to make a difference by sending an email stating your opposition to this proposed sale of our public land to Core Spaces to the Mayor and members of City Council at the following address:

Responsible development is good for our community, but this proposal goes too far.  See the following article for more information.