The Disposition of the Library Lot

I have opposed the sale of the development rights above our Library Lot to the Chicago developer Core Spaces for a variety of reasons.

The Library Lot is a valuable city asset in a prime downtown location with a controversial past . . .

My Opponent Voted Against Giving Ward 5 Voters An Opportunity To Vote To Decide How The Library Lot Will Be Developed

Thousands of Ann Arbor voters signed the petition that would have given them the opportunity to vote on whether this property should be developed into a Civic Center Commons during the November 8th, 2016 general election.  Unfortunately, a variety of technical disqualifications caused the petition drive to fall short of the total number required by about 250 signatures.

In response to this, during the August 4th, 2016 City Council Meeting, councilmember Eaton brought forward a resolution that would have required the city to develop a charter amendment for this and include it on the November 8th, 2016 ballot. Councilmember Lumm seconded it, and council members Kailasapathy and Brier voted in favor of it. Those 4 council members alone voted to increase participation in our local democratic process on this issue.

In a small vibrant democracy like ours, when thousands of residents sign a petition asking to be allowed to vote on the decision for how our Library Lot should be developed, then I think that our city council should listen.

Local Business Owners Are Concerned With The Loss Of Access To Much Needed Parking And The Preferential Treatment Being Given To The Chicago Developer Core Spaces

Hundreds of local business owners have contributed millions of dollars to make our downtown the success that it is today. ¬†Many of them are concerned that the development proposed by Core Spaces would require the long term removal of too many parking spaces from a public parking system that is already at or near capacity which would place a burden on their employees and a possible loss of of business from customers who would not be able to find parking. ¬†Local business owners have also said that Core Spaces should not be allowed to “jump line” in front of current residents, local business owners and their employees who are waiting for parking.

I would listen to business owner’s concerns and find solutions that would be in the best interests of our community.