About David

Why am I running for City Council?

I’m a lifelong Democrat, I come from a family of Union workers, and I served honorably in the United States Navy and the Navy Reserve.  I moved to Ann Arbor in 1993 to attend the University of Michigan, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998. I stayed in Ann Arbor after graduating because I felt that this community’s values were consistent with my own.

I believe that we need a city government that puts people first which is why I am running in the upcoming August 8th, 2017 Democratic Primary for the Ward 5 City Council seat.

Our city is facing many important issues, and I will approach them with a high degree of integrity and transparency.  I will listen to residents’ concerns and be proactive and responsible in how I approach the issues.

Transparency and Honesty in Government

Transparency and honesty are crucial to a strong democracy.  When I am elected to city council, I will always speak sincerely and impartially about all of the issues facing our community, and I will encourage broad public participation throughout the entire process on all important pieces of legislation.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

One of the greatest strengths of our Ann Arbor community is that we embrace diversity. I strongly support having a diverse community because I believe that we are all made stronger by being exposed to people of different sexual orientations, races, classes, languages, religions and cultures. The ability to be inclusive strengthens not only individuals, but entire communities. Being inclusive is more than just accepting differences. It requires the effort and work inherent in respecting and understanding differences and it allows an open forum for developing solutions to conflicts and problems while respecting everyone’s values. I believe that our residents deserve a city council that is willing to do the work required to find viable solutions that are inclusive. I promise that on that point I will not waiver.

The Plan

When I am elected to City Council, I will always put people first.  I will encourage broad public engagement and involvement in the legislative process on important pieces of legislation.  I believe that we need to institute a comprehensive communications program that will ensure that all of our residents receive either electronic or written communications regularly from council that clearly explain the important issues facing our community.  I promise to listen to residents’ concerns, and I will always take your concerns to council.  I will promote an atmosphere of openness and responsiveness to city government.