Jack Eaton, Ward 4 City Council member

Sumi Kailasapathy, Ward 1 City Council member

Jane Lumm, Ward 2 City Council member

Abrams Family

Doug Aikenhead

Mike Anglin, former Ward 5 Council member

Ted Annis

Vivian Armentrout, former County Commissioner

“David Silkworth knows that city government must pay more attention to the needs of our neighborhoods. He will bring a welcome dose of common sense to city council.” –Jack Eaton, Democratic Council Member, 4th Ward

Braxton Blake

Kathy Boris

Lynn Borset

Michaela Brennan

John Brundage

Vince Caruroso

Charles Compton

Bill Cron

Sally Daniels

Peter Eckstein

“David totally gets it when he says, “Put People First.” That is what politics should be all about. He will bring a rational voice to city council.” – Sumi Kailasapathy, Democratic Council Member, 1st Ward

Cynthia Edwards

John Floyd

Katherine French

Tracy Gallup

Lou Glorie

Kathy Griswold, Member of A2 Safe Transport and former School Board Member

Alan Haber

Odile Hugonot Haber

Freda Herseth

Martha Hill

Elizabeth Hunter

“David appreciates Ann Arbor’s unique qualities. He puts neighborhoods first and would approach developments responsibly and thoughtfully.” – Ethel K. Potts, Community Activist and former member of the Planning Commission

Kitty and Steven Kahn

Karras Family

Charles Lewis

Patti Maki

Linda McEntee

Rita Mitchell

Dorthy Nordness

Priscilla Parker

Linda Pedrick

Sue Perry

Phyllis Ponvert

Ethel Potts

Ridella-Mehlos Family

“David understands that we need to put safety infrastructure in place which will create uniform, well lit and safe crosswalks for everyone, both pedestrians and drivers alike!” – Kathy Griswold, Member of A2 Safe Transport and former School Board Member.

Ann Ringia

Didi Robins

Lauren Sargent

Kathleen Schafer

Cheryl Sibilsky

Cathy Shafer

Grant Shafer

Doug White

Frank and Judy Wilhelme

Wiseley Family

John Woodford

Shira Zelinger

“The Core Spaces sale is a bad deal for the people of Ann Arbor. It’s not too late to reject the site plan, block the sale and find a better use for the Library Lot that is more in tune with the interests of residents. Like many residents, David opposed the sale of the Library Lot, and as a council member would fight to protect our community from irresponsible development.” – Mike Anglin, former Democratic Council Member 5th Ward